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Australia Phone : 02-9896-1396             Mobile :0425-23-7938             International Phone : 61 2 9896 1396

Ordering from outside Australia
Prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD)

Posting within Australia only is included in the PayPal prices.

Please send me an email and I can send you a PayPal invoice with appropriate shipping to your nominated country.
Also include the postcode/zipcode for an accurate quote.

I can call you on Skype if you would like a phone conversion, but we will need to set up an appointment time.
Time zone here is AEST or AEDT in Summertime.
That is 10 or 11 hours ahead of GMT (Grenwich Mean Time)

You-tube introduction to ordering video is coming soon.

Pay with PayPal even without a PayPal Account yet

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